You’re Nicked

I was going to write today’s blog about driving in Mozambique anyway but we had an amusing episode on the way back from the Waterfront restuarant this evening which made it even more apt!

I had a fantastic Ostrich fillet by the way. With chips and vegetables, washed down with two pints of 2M beer, all for £8.

On the way back we got stopped by the police. My colleague, who doesn’t usually drink, was driving. After some checking of paperwork he realised she was Spanish and a verse of Viva Espana was sung! After checking our passports he decided a ‘fine’ of 200 Metacais was in order (about £4) this was for a cold drink as he was very thirsty apparently!

We had a good chuckle, wished them well and said we’d see them tomorrow night!

The roads are pretty good, some big potholes, the main problem is the local drivers who either drive like complete loonies or tootle along at 20mph like they’ve never driven before. I’ve quite enjoyed the driving, the city centre isn’t too manic, just plenty of stop signs and invisible traffic lights which are ignored by the minibuses anyway.

Here is a snippet of the drive into work starting from outside the house, showing the sea and palm trees. Beats driving past Didcot power station every morning!

Part 1 of the drive to work (5.5Mb DivX Movie)

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