Seven Nights Seven Restaurants

End of week 1 readers and all is well. As I may have mentioned before the food here is excellent. We have now managed seven different restaurants, which I will summarise below…

1. Siam Smile – Chicken Pizza – Service very slow, poor Rock Shandy most disappointing meal to date. Won’t be going there again!
2. Local Restaurant – Pork and Beef Kebab – Very tender meat, short walk from house. TV with Portugeuse football. Nice and easy to get to.
3. Sagres – Pepper Fillet Steak – Absolutely amazing food, lovely setting on the beach front. Delicious Rock Shandies.
4. Italian – Pasta with Bacon, Mushrooms and Cream – Very low chairs and table, pet rabbits grazing on the lawn. Lovely food.
5. Scorpio – Pork Steak – More like gammon, disappointing and tough. Nice setting though.
6. Waterfront – Ostrich Fillet – First vegetables and absolutely delicious. Live music next to the pool. Superb.
7. Costa do Sol – Chicken Fillet – The place to be seen in Maputo, very famous. Food very average.

And we still have many more to try, we haven’t been to the Indian or Chinese yet!!