Asteroid Occultation Results

These are all of my asteroid occultation results to date. See Asteroid Occultation 101 for more information on what this is all about.

Click on the date of O+ observations for further details.

Note that negative observations can be very important for defining the limits of the asteroid especially if there were any positive observations for the same event. The chord diagrams next to the O- observations below show how my result was included.

It has been [insert_php]
$date1 = new DateTime(“2018-05-05”);
$date2 = new DateTime();
$diff = $date2->diff($date1)->format(“%a”);
echo $diff;
[/insert_php] days since my last O+ observation.
I have had 2 O- observations since then.

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O+ : positive
O- : negative
O? : uncertain

In addition to those observations listed above I have had many planned observations clouded out and two events missed due to a technical failure.