Communication channels are systems nearly all go. Skype works but connection drops frequently, it’s nice to see the family albeit briefly! Mobile works for incoming calls and texts but getting a call out is very difficult, only managed it once. Chatted to my brother in New Zealand this morning on MSN which was great.

Speaking to my Mum as I write this via Skype and messages being relayed by phone in the UK! In the office we have internet connection which does drop occasionally and isn’t fantastically fast. But overall being able to keep in touch is a vast improvement over my last trip to Zimbabwe where it was the occasional letter delivered a week or more late from Harare to the caravan in the sticks!

We have dialup from the house which is very expensive, £32 for two months with the calls on top of that, and all for 28.8Kbps!

I hope to be able to video the drive into work tomorrow and get that onto the blog as it is beautiful, especially with the sea as calm as it has been the last couple of days.

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