First day of work today, although the guy I am going to be working with was busy so we’re meeting tomorrow. The office is good, a bit run down and the toilets are grim and it’s a long way to the 9th floor if you want to avoid using the lifts! Got my laptop set up on the network and internet access so that’s good. Spent the day playing around with some dynamic website examples to show my counterpart tomorrow.

One thing I have found is how excellent the food is here, there is no way I will be losing weight! We had fresh pasta this evening in an Italian, yesterday I had a most excellent fillet steak. And pretty reasonably priced too, a meal with drinks is around the £6 mark.

You will notice that I added a video to yesterday’s entry. Here is another one for your enjoyment!

View from the house balcony (1.7Mb DivX Movie)

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