Costa do Sol

Had a fairly lazy Sunday, went into town to a bar to watch the Italian GP, my colleague is Spanish and a big Alonso fan, what a shame he blew his car up wink. After this we walked from the house up the coast to Costa do Sol, a 30s art deco bar and restuarant which has “welcomed dignitaries like the Swazi Royal family and the entertainer Tom Jones” according to the blurb on the menu. Sunday afternoon after payday is cruise along the strip and party on the beach day! Hundreds of locals letting their hair down, music blaring from their car stereos, driving around and just hanging. Barbecues on the beach, football matches. Very vibrant and exciting! Even saw a minor road accident, with a door ripped off one of the local minibuses (chapa), lots of arm waving but all sorted within seconds!

Cruising on the Costa do Sol (1.8Mb DivX Movie)

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