And it was going so well. Too much good living? It hit my stomach this morning and the DNG building is not ideal for having to rush to the loo as there are 16 flights of stairs to run up or wait for ever for the rickity lift. The other issue is the possible side effects of Lariam, I’ve never had a problem with it before but this morning I burst into tears for no reason whatsoever, very odd.

Work was a bit rubbish today as well, as we had no internet connection for most of the day and all the code examples I wanted to use were online, it is also very dull just programming without being able to nip into MSN or irc occasionally.

Feeling a bit better this evening if tired. Time for a lie in tomorrow morning I think.

I did manage to grab a quick video whilst I was at work today, this is a panoramic view from the 9th floor of the DNG building looking North.

View from the 9th floor of the DNG (1.5Mb DivX Movie)

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One thought on “Backlash”

  1. Hi here from brenda and all the other blow ups.. haha erm.. lol ok I’ve had a few too many I must say, but your site is a pleasure to read and im trying very, very hard to have NO typos. Well what can I say, Why didnt you pack Blow up Brenda, haha, Pete would be so jealous, he has a major crush on her as well. She comes with a puncture repair and doesn’t beep through customs. Well maybe depends what lead you are firing. Haha OMG.. anyway.. Pete wants to use here when you are done and a cheap second hand one is a lot easier on the pocket. I know .. im talking total bollocks now but who cares when you get a cheap blow up.. I think your site is absolutely amazing and a great read, sorry about the dodgy stomach, I guess nothing a good BJ wouldn’t fix LOOOOOOOOOL oops sorry Only Pete gets that.. but brenda is a great alternative .. she may need swimming lessons as she has a hole or two. Well like i said great site and im …………. PISSED……. so keep IT UP.. and write again soon.. Love you loads..

    Julie xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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