Second Rest Day

thumbnail imageI call it a rest day when in actuality it was much more a washing and relaxing day. We’re both in good nick and would have been fine for cycling. No doubt a day off of the saddles and plenty of nourishment will do us no harm.

We were both up pretty early. We usually rise at 7am on cycling days and take about 90 minutes to breakfast, wash and pack up all the stuff on to the bikes. We are usually on the road between 8.30 and 9.15.

It was before 8.30am that we were walking next door to Tralee Bay Park to use their laundry facilities. It really helps to have friends who know people! We bumped into Richard as he was just off sailing and mentioned we were thinking of cycling up to the Sealife Sanctuary later. He gave us a couple of complimentary tickets which was rather decent of him!

We spent the next hour watching clothes washing and lugged it back to Seaview to hang out on the fence next to the tents. A ready made washing line! The breeze and warm sunshine made short work of doing the drying.

We then pottered about, did some bike bits. Read books etc. Until lunchtime when we walked into Benderloch and had a bite to eat at the excellent caf

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9 thoughts on “Second Rest Day”

  1. Well as you asked….

    I played a couple of rounds at Faringdon golf course.  I briefly found some form and dropped quite a few shots on or near to the greens.  Chipping was on fire and ended up inches from the cup on a number of occasions.

    The water holes as always proved to be my undoing.  I did get over both but unfortunately not in the same round.  First water hole was 3 balls in the water followed by a plugged lie in the corner of a high sided bunker which wouldn’t come out.  I stopped counting at 18.  grin  Second round saw a lovely 7 iron across the water a short chip from the green.

    Very pleased with the second water hole.  A beautiful 7 iron into the bunker on the other side which bounced out again.  Clearly one ball lost to the water Gods before that one.  Second round saw two terrible splashes.

    Lost ball count soared to 9 after some horrific tee shots on the 4th.  First into a tree which was found, second into a bush which wasn’t, third into the trees, also lost.  Good job I found the first!

    Anyway, excellent fun in the sun despite skillz varying from good to ‘have you played before?’.  grin

  2. I miss you quite a lot Daddy I really really do. On Saturday we went to the Farm Park with Matthew and Jasmine. I really enjoyed that day when I was at the Farm Park. I feeded the animals but then I had no food left so Jasmine shared her food. We went on the bouncing pillows and I made a new friend on there as well. My favourite animals were the piglets that had escaped again!
    Love from Amy xxxxxoooooo

  3. A correction – you went into the sea in Portugal – so not the first time in the sea this year!  We went to Farm Park with Michelle and your mum which was great. There were so dead cute little piglets – thinking about getting one as a pet in the garden. Watched movies in the evening eating pizza. :o)

  4. Well done you two, watching Poppy cycle up and down the path on her Iggle Piggle bike today made me remember what you two were up to!!

    Managed to find the blog, will let R and J read later on.

    Best Wishes, an insipiration to us all!!

  5. Pretty powerful drug those endorphins, that’s where the singing comes from.  Well you’re nearly there now – enjoy the run in to JOG.
    Scotland is easy isn’t it – particularly when you get great weather like today and into the habit of 70 mile days.  Been a scorcher here as well.  You went past Fort William today, where we were a few weeks ago at the end of the WHW. So what can you do to top this trip, a RTW?  I’m looking at an East to West route for Aug Bank Hol if either of you are interested – I need a companion as my usual one will be in Africa, again!

  6. Just a thought for tomorrow…

    “The wheels on the bike go round and round, round and round, round and round…” and so on and so forth or how about…

    “Here we go round the mulberry bush, mulberry bush, mulberry bush” or even…

    “Postman Pat, Postman Pat, Postman Pat and his black and white cat, all the birds are singing, the day is just beginning, Pat feels he’s a really happy man. Everybody knows his bright red van, all the children smile as they wave to greet him, maybe, you can never be sure, there’ll be knock, (knock, knock), ring (ring,ring) letters through your door.” and again “Postman Pat, Postman Pat….”

    Anyway you get the idea!!
      tongue wink

    Glad you’ve had another good day. Don’t forget to bring some Nessie inspired pressies home.

    Love Michelle xxxx

  7. hey john and andrew love the pics and it most take really long to where you’ve got to now. Great time at seaview place

  8. Oops, forgot about the tootsies in the sea in Portugal. I think that was colder than Tralee though! Trying hard not to get any stupid nursery songs stuck in my head for tomorrow’s song!

    How lucky are we with the weather. Wondering if we’ll be allowed to CTC in August…


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