Off Colour

Had a bit of a crap day today, I woke up feeling sick and I’ve generally felt a bit off colour all day. So I was in a bit of a bad mood at work (no surprises there I hear you say!). It didn’t help that this evening we had all got worked up to go to Sagres for the last time (best restaurant in Maputo) and it was closed. We drove around in a daze for about an hour trying to decide where to go and then spent the mealtime fantasising about all the foods we want to eat when we get back to England.

Thunder again this evening, the forecast is for rain for the next couple of days. It was quite hot and oppressive earlier this evening and the mozzies have been out in force for the last couple of evenings.

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The main protagonist behind this nonsense. The website title is inspired by the lyrics of the B-side to Lily the Pink by The Scaffold. "The buttons of your mind were difficult to find and my fingers far too clumsy."