Last Day At The Office

An early entry today as I won’t have internet access at the house this evening. Today is my last day in DNG (Direcção Nacional de Geologia for those people with short memories) and it is just possible that the website will go live this afternoon. If it does that would be great, but I’m more interested in getting home to be honest! If it’s working then the link above will work. At least I managed to fix the backups, there hasn’t been a server backup for 4 weeks. I spent some time on the problem over the last couple of days and we had a successful backup last night. Huzzah!

Tonight we’re going out for dinner with Lina Magaia and husband, we were going to the Maputo Waterfront as they have live music on a Wednesday, but as we missed Sagres last night we might have a venue change. The food is better at Sagres and the Rock Shandies are the best I’ve tasted.

Tomorrow morning is packing and clearing up then we hand over the car and get a lift to the airport. Flight to Johannesburg leaves around 4pm and then the night flight to Heathrow. Should be back in blightly early Friday morning.

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