Here is a brief boring bit about work. Today I demoed what I have been doing to the directors, I was expecting just the director but it turned out to be all the section heads. I made the embarrassing mistake of not recognising the deputy-director and telling him I was waiting for him to turn up before starting! Apart from that it went fine.

This evening we took Lina Magaia out for dinner, as I mentioned before she is a very famous person in Mozambique so it was going out with a celebrity. The waiters all knew who she was and fussed about a bit, but not too bad. Afterwards she took us to Museu which is a typical African area of bars, each a one room affair crowded around very narrow dark alleys, lean tos etc. There is absolutely NO way you would even consider heading down these alleys after dark without a host. We bumped into Lina’s husband and some of his friends and had a drink. I was driving so stayed off the alcohol, that didn’t stop anyone else who proceeded to get very drunk. Some singing of African songs ensued and we had the various definitions of toilet defined to us by a drunken Mozambiquan. A great way of seeing true Africa that no tourist would ever get to see. We were privileged to have been welcomed into this place, and made very welcome at that. We are probably doing it again Wednesday!!

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