It’s the Final Countdown, ta da da da, da da da da da etc. This is the final working trip of this project so we are finishing with the house, car etc. Sold the car this morning, we get to keep it until Thursday though, and emptied the house of junk. Then to the beach bar for lunch followed by some last few gift purchases and grocery shopping. Then we blobbed and went for dinner at the fairground where there are numerous bars and restaurants surrounding a very small amusement park. We had a go on the dodgems, but the ferris wheel looked dead dodgy so we gave it a miss.

Completely fed up of restaurant eating now, I calculated tonight was the 38th consecutive restaurant meal. I don’t want to see another kebab, chips and salad as long as I live! We’ve worked out the last few days where we are eating! Oh and I got stopped by the police on the way home tonight, another freebie though.

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