Last Night

I’m sitting on the balcony at the house on my last day in Mozambique. I still have some internet access! Last night we went to the Maputo Waterfront to meet with Lina and Carlos Magaia for dinner. There was live music as there is every Wednesday. Some weeks the acts are so-so, last nights was excellent, a jazz/blues/reggae four-piece. You know when you’re sitting with somone famous when the band leave the stage to come and introduce themselves to you personally! It was a fantastic evening, Carlos got up to sing, the food was good (even if they have no idea what well-done means, I’m glad I didn’t ask for rare or my fillet might still have been mooing!), the company was superb. Lina is very famous but very down to earth, she doesn’t see herself as famous, everyone knows her, she’s on TV frequently, she writes for the newspapers etc. but she still took a doggy bag home for supper!

Then it was off to Museu for drinks, again I was driving so was off the drink. Museu is definitely better enjoyed drunk I think! Lots of VERY drunk people, loud talk and singing. The conversations get very heated at times, but the atmosphere is like nothing else I’ve experienced. I’m still staggered at the amount of alcohol put away by some of the people there and then they get in their cars to drive home. Madness!

So a late night, past midnight at Museu – but I’m still awake at 6am. The bloody mozzies have been out in force the last few nights, driving me insane. You hear so many malaria stories here though. It seems like everyone has had it or knows someone who has.

Today is destined to be a day of sitting around various places. Packed yesterday, just a few things to shove in. Very disappointed to find a couple of the gifts I had bought had grown mould in the drawer I put them in. The atmosphere in the house is quite damp at times, cross that I didn’t put them out but I never imagined they would go bad! Still, no serious damage done – a good clean and they are almost as good as new.

Things to do today, wash sheets and towels (maid was paid off yesterday), last minute packing, deliver car, get lift to airport. Wave goodbye to Maputo! Can’t wait to get home and see the family…

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