Training 4th Apr

Riders John
Distance 33.74 mi
Time 2h20m19s
Average Speed 14.43 mph
Ascent 262 m
Run.GPS Training Profile

Only John was able to go out training this weekend and he did a short half-day ride on Saturday afternoon. It was a very pleasant day but with a teasing brisk westerly wind.

The route climbed up to the NCN route to Wantage from East Hendred. This uses very minor roads and/or farm tracks and is quiet and the surface is generally good and surfaced. After Cycling through the centre of Wantage the bridleway from East Challow to Childrey was used to cut off a stretch along the B4507. This track is narrow but surfaced and is a useful little cut through.

Sticking to minor roads through Sparsholt and Westcot John had to briefly join the B-road to get to Kingston Lisle and the steep descent back into the Vale of White Horse. Familiar roads followed to Goosey, Charney Bassett, Lyford and the Hanneys. This area is very flat and with a tail wind the pace was pretty speedy. Finally the long, straight, boring road to Steventon and on to Drayton and home.

An easy ride just to keep the legs from seizing up.

Andrew and John went to Evan’s Cycles in Milton Keynes on Sunday to top up on equipment. They had a very poor selection of panniers which John wanted to look at but they both came away with a few essentials. We think we have most equipment sussed now and are aiming to put it all to the test later in April on a training run.

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