Sport Is Bad For You

I suppose it had to happen at some time. I have a sports injury. I fully expected to get injured running at some point, everyone seems to suffer injuries running. Cycling less likely, unless I crashed or got knocked off. But injured at table tennis? Wasn’t expecting that. I’ve played league table tennis for 30 years and I’ve never missed a match through injury. I suppose I’ve had a good run so should be grateful for that.

Hearing your calf muscle audibly pop, feeling the pop and instant searing pain is not a good sign. I wasn’t doing anything different to what I’ve done thousands of times before, reaching for the ball to return my opponent’s shot. Maybe I wasn’t properly warmed up and the room was cold. Maybe the 10 mile run the day before and left me vulnerable to injury.

It’s very frustrating as it’s totally ruined by preparation for my first half marathon at the end of March. And it’s quite likely that I won’t be able to run it now. I’m just going to have to see how the injury goes in the next couple of weeks, hopefully I’ll be able to do some gentle exercise quite soon. I might need to get some specialist therapy, e.g. ultrasound, to help the recovery.

Meanwhile I’m hobbling around on a crutch.

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