Observatory Build – Part 3

The foundations for the observatory and pier were dug yesterday by the builder and are being filled with concrete today. The hole for the pier has been dug down to the very stiff clay/gravel of the Summertown-Radley Sand and Gravel Member drift deposit which underlies the garden (about 500mm deep). Speaking from experience this deposit … Continue reading Observatory Build – Part 3

Observatory Build – Part 2

It’s been nearly two years since Part 1 and not a lot has happened to my observatory build in that time! But things are moving apace now. I have sourced, bought and collected a 2nd hand Alexander’s Observatories 8’x8′ rolling roof observatory shed which belonged to a member of a local astronomical society who sadly … Continue reading Observatory Build – Part 2

Moving Day

I have imported all the posts and comments from my old blog that was in ExpressionEngine. I need to kill that off as it’s using a lot of my webspace and is out of date and gets spammed. I’m having to re-categorise a number of my posts and I need to go through the comments deleting … Continue reading Moving Day