Moving Day

I have imported all the posts and comments from my old blog that was in ExpressionEngine. I need to kill that off as it’s using a lot of my webspace and is out of date and gets spammed.

I’m having to re-categoriseĀ a number of my posts and I need to go through the comments deleting the spam, so things might look a bit odd here for a few days as I do all of that. Links to images and stuff will still go to the old site until I fix them all.

I want to also move my LEJOG diary across here at some point as that’s sitting in an ExpressionEngine site as well. I’ve moved the diary posts but not the static pages yet.

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John Talbot

The main protagonist behind this nonsense. The website title is inspired by the lyrics of the B-side to Lily the Pink by The Scaffold. "The buttons of your mind were difficult to find and my fingers far too clumsy."