Flash Bang!

What a brilliant, brilliant day. I’m stiff as a board and I’ve rediscovered muscles long forgotten about but it was such good fun. I got to shoot a live pump action shotgun (killed one hostage), fire an 81mm mortar (best activity of the day), fire replica pistols (killed one photographer), enter a killing house, fight … Continue reading Flash Bang!

We’re In The Army Now

Last Christmas I was bought a Special Forces Training Day, my brother-in-law got one too! So tomorrow we’re off to Sussex to shoot some guns! The activites are… Close Quarter Battle School Grenade Range 81mm Mortar Range Minefield Infiltration Combat Shotgun (live firing range) Close Protection Weapons Range It’s going to be a blast, literally!

Flights Booked

I’m off to work in Mozambique for a few weeks in the autumn to design and develop a website for the documentation centre of the National Directorate of Geology. Flights were booked today, 7th Sep to 19th Oct. Getting excited now! By the way you may have noticed that this is the first post for … Continue reading Flights Booked

The things children say

Sometimes they come out with gems. This evening my wife got the old electric typewriter out for my daughter to play with. First thing she said after it was set up was “where’s the mouse mummy?”. It’s a generation used to technology that’s for sure!

Music to my ears

I’m a very faddy (is that a word?) person. I move from one hobby/activity to the next on a rapid turnaround. At the moment I’m rediscovering a lot of the music I listened to years ago. I bought reissued live CDs of the Scorpions this week, Tokyo Tapes and World Wide Live. Still a couple … Continue reading Music to my ears