Phew, it’s a scorcher

Work: A fairly uneventful week at work. A trip to HQ on Friday for a Toad for Oracle tips and tricks day, which didn’t teach me a great deal I didn’t already know. As usual with these software demonstrations the most useful features are shown at the end of the day for a version of the software you don’t have a licence for. I will endeavour to get project funds to buy me the Xpert edition.

We learnt that the top two from each Petanque group progresses to the KO stage, I hope we get drawn against a team that finished 2nd in their group as we whupped all the other teams in our group. We are the defending champions after all. Our team is called ‘Up a Gum Tree’ to celebrate the fact that we managed to sink 4 bottles of this wine between the two of us at our recent IT getaway.

Rest: A very disappointing World Cup from England. They just didn’t show how good they really are. And now we have lost all South American flare, we have the dullest semi-final line up I can remember.

Play: I finished Gun to 100%. I picked this up cheap a couple of weeks ago, one of the weaker 360 launch titles apparently. I thoroughly enjoyed it, a nice fairly simple action adventure game. Nothing too innovative, although the Wild West theme was pretty cool. Sure it looks like a spruced up Xbox game and some of the textures are very dodgy. Lots of side missions to take part in, from herding calves, to delivering tools, to playing poker, to protecting young familes. Quite a short game, well worth picking up if you see it cheap.

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  1. Hard luck to England. I was watching the game on and off all afternoon and they seemed to get the message too late. Some of the plays in extra time hard my pulse racing a wee bit.

    I’ve put all xbox360 games purchases on hold for the time being. I think I need to let this EverQuest addiction run its course, otherwise it would just be a waste of money.

    Like the new format by the way.

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