Tickets and Taxi

My tickets arrived today and the taxis are booked. I have a list of vaccinations as long as my arm to have, hopefully most will still be up to date from my trip to Kenya a few years ago.

Only fly in the ointment is my daughter who is getting a little clingy and has already said she doesn’t want Daddy to go. I’m going to set up Skype and a couple of webcams so we can talk to each other though. Of course my son seems non-plussed at the moment!

I’m also hoping that the flight delays are out of the way before I go, it seems things are starting to get back to normal.

One thought on “Tickets and Taxi”

  1. Hi Jocta,

    Thanks for visiting, I have updated my space. I also have a long road to recovery, but trying really hard.


    sam smile

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