Day 2 – Harlyn Bay

The weather during the night was atrocious. Heavy rain and strong winds. The thought of losing the tents on the first night crossed my mind as I lay awake.

They survived but we woke to wind and rain and had to pack up in the wet. It was full waterproofs weather and it was torrential during the short cycle to Hayle on the A3074.

By some miracle however it blew over and the Sun came out so that we removed our waterproofs before we’d even got to Portreath. The rest of the day was mostly sunny with very brief heavy showers. The very strong southwesterly was still with us helping us along the way.

We had our first navigation error in Porthtowan, only minor but I think it gave us one extra steep climb.

We stopped for lunch in Perranporth. The cycling had been pretty straightforward to this point, not really any of the dreaded Cornish hills to worry about.

They came between St Newlyn East and Rumford. Up and down with some fairly steep ascents. Nothing really bad though. We stopped for supplies in Treyarnon and loaded with food bags stopped at the first available campsite which is a rather tacky holiday camp. Never mind, it was cheap and we’ll have better some nights I’m sure.

Distance : 51.80 miles
Time cycling : 4h58m
Ascent : 1382 m
Average speed : 10.4 mph

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3 thoughts on “Day 2 – Harlyn Bay”

  1. Oh dear, that does not sound good. *gulp*

    I don’t think I would have slept a wink under those conditions. Let’s hope for better nights from now on. Keep smiling and pedal on guys.. We are all thinking of you.


  2. Here’s hoping it gets better – not good for the first night eh?  Probably the last night in Scotland will be the same!  Good luck for the rest of the week.

  3. You two are mad, mad, mad! Hope the sun is shining today. We’re all watching you as we speak, brilliant site. Keep smiling up the hills. Love, WorsfoldsX

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