The Album: Part 2

Tracks 6 through 10…

6. Ginger – The Man Who Cheated Death

I wanted something bang up to date on The Album and this fitted the bill nicely. Ginger was the singer, guitar player & song writer in The Wildhearts. I particularly like the lyrics in this song.

When the Devil had tried to tempt me,
When there was not a single angel around,
When the Demons they sent me were guaranteed to put me down,
What in Heaven or Hell is ever going to kill me now?

7. John Otway – Josephine

The album wouldn’t be complete without some Otway! Famous for having a hit back in the 70s (Really Free) and then totally flopping this guy has toured the pubs and clubs ever since. An Otway show is an absolute must and if you see one near by make sure you go to see him. I could have put several songs on here, in fact I originally had Poetry & Jazz from one of his newer albums, but I chose this one. I was introduced to Otway by my late sister and her husband and this is a beautiful track from his early days and proves that he is a superb songwriter. This is with Wild Willy Barrett.

8. Hans Zimmer – Vide Cor Meum

An operatic number from the OST to the movie Hannibal. Why is this on here? Well, I was listening to this shortly after my sister died, it holds a strong emotion for me.

9. Kow Otani – The Opened Way

Another OST track this time from a video game! This is taken from the PS2 game Shadow of the Colossus. Gaming has been an important part of my life and this game was one of the most moving experiences I have encountered in a video game. This track plays as you fight with the giant Colossi, imagine a huge beast stomping around as you cling on for dear life, and the tragedy as you kill the mighty and beautiful beast just so you can save the girl.

10. Masters Of Reality – Rolling Green

My second bluesy number. A summer holiday track, laid back on a warm summers day in the countryside. Ginger Baker of Cream fame is playing drums.

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  1. “Ginger was the singer, guitar player & song writer in The Wildhearts”

    Ginger IS the singer, guitar player & song writer in The Wildhearts, get the new album, strangely titled “The Wildhearts”! A return to form for the band!

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