Season Summary

Now the table tennis season is over (I think) let me summarise how it’s gone this year…

Newbury League
My 2nd season in the Newbury league and my first in Division 2 and as captain. I was planning on avoiding relegation but we got off to a storming start and we were 1st or 2nd for a good chunk of the season. We ended a bit poorly, losing several matches including a disappointing 10-0 defeat at AWE Aldermaston in a match I thought we had a good chance in. An 8-2 win in the final match means that we end up with a three-way tie on points for 2nd place. In the Newbury league this requires a playoff but I haven’t heard if we need to play this yet. In the cup competition we had a terrific run and ended up in the final of the Pembroke Cup against very tricky opponents. We lost (no surprises really) but a runners up trophy in our first season was a good result. I was aiming for a 33% average for the season and won 19 of 44 matches (43.2%) so very pleased with that.

Didcot League
Our final league match was last night and we needed an 8-2 win to pip our opponents to runners up spot. It was highly unlikely as they are very strong but we managed to win 6-4 and that was our 16th tie unbeaten for the season. We finish 3rd in Division 3 and it was the first two matches of the season which proved to be costly when we could only put out weak teams. I won 50 of 60 matches (83.3%) which is my best performance for several seasons, playing tougher opposition in Division 2 in Newbury has forced me to be more attacking and seems to have improved my game a bit. This was enough to win the “Best Player” trophy for Division 3 which is awarded to the player with the most wins in the season. I entered the Divisional Championships this season, I usually don’t as I’m not keen on individual competitions, I lost all 4 of my matches in 5 games. In the cup competitions, we lost in the semis in the club competition and we were knocked out in the group stage of the team competition.

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