Rest Day

Our first day off just short of halfway. We spent the morning washing our clothes (everything I have apart from what I was wearing). The weather was warm and sunny, great for drying and solar charging everything.

We also gave the bikes some TLC. New rear brake blocks for me, now fully adjusted I might have good working brakes for the first time since Devon! Andrew cleaned, oiled and adjusted his gear indexing. Mine got a wipe, oiled and derallieur degritted and lubed (ooer).

In the afternoon we lazed, ate some lunch, stocked up on chocolate and gatorade. We then spent some time people watching next to the river sat in the shade on a bench. Having somewhere to sit with a back is nice occasionally. I may or may not have had a go on the little train ride.

I though I’d do a halfway summary.

Best campsite : Clitheroe, for facilities, friendly staff and location. Huntstile close 2nd with best hosts.

Worst campsite : Middlewich. Easily.

Best shower : Okehampton Filter House YHA. Proper bathroom and a shower that could knock you over.

Worst shower : Ludlow, more a dribble in a cold stone floored room.

Best road : Lots to choose from in the southwest. We’ve both picked the Cheshire Cycleway between Northwich and Lymm though. Smooth, flat, quiet with good scenery. B4361 between Leominster and Ludlow was hillier but also good

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One thought on “Rest Day”

  1. I saw your photo of the river Ribble. Wow. Absolutely beautiful. You’re going to remember these views and the scenery forever.

    I’m contemplating writing a song about your adventure called ‘Saddle Sore’, or maybe ‘Me and My Brakes have Parted Company’, or ‘One More Steep Hill And I’m getting Off This Bike And Killing The Nearest Person In The Vicinity, Whatever their Age, With My Bicycle Pump’. Should be a challenge.

    Julie and I are having a fab Bank Holiday, writing choons and gorging while tracking your progress.

    We’re agog.


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