Oxford Speedway RIP?

The news all Oxford Speedway fans have been dreading broke this afternoon, the immediate closure of the club mid-season. When it came it was a bolt out of the blue as the promotion had held a fan’s forum on Friday and painted a rosy picture of the future. It was all lies. A whole part of my life from when I was a boy appears to be over, another outlet for the local children taken away.

I shed a few tears this afternoon for all the memories, good and bad, Oxford Speedway has given me over the past 30-odd years. But the loyal supporters will fight hard to keep speedway in my once fabulous city and we shall see what transpires over the coming days and weeks. I truly hope that this isn’t the final bitter end.

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John Talbot

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One thought on “Oxford Speedway RIP?”

  1. It was a shame to see you go from the league, especially as our panthers are owned by the same guy as who owned Oxford.  He told us that panthers will not be closing, but I think speedway is in decline.  Fan figures are falling, and prices are rising.

    Good luck in trying to revive your club, hopefully for next season/

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