Had a mildly embarrassing moment at work today. The director of DNG came to see how we were getting on, I’d met him in his office earlier in the week. Problem was he came very casually dressed and I didn’t recognise him, I just thought he was some random bloke! He started asking me about my work etc., and all the time I was thinking ‘who is this guy?’. Anyway he was obviously interested so I showed him everything and he left very impressed with what I had done and what I propose to do. It was a little later when someone said the director had come to visit that I twigged! No harm done!

My colleague decided to cut short her trip to Tete and came back today, so I drove and picked her up from the airport, had a mildly amusing episode at one road junction where the traffic lights were out. A traffic policeman was stood on a box directing traffic, his actions were very confusing and very exaggerated, he almost looked like a ballerina perched up there in his white gloves. I half expected him to do a pirouette!

Time for a mild rant. The ‘in’ place is Costa do Sol, you see so many well heeled people eating there and it has airs and graces. The guidebooks wax lyrical about it. It is the place to be seen in Maputo. We ate there again tonight. The problem is the food is just so average, it’s no better than you might expect from a Hungry Horse, in fact it’s worse than that. I just want to go around the tables where all the la-di-da people are sat and tell them ‘look it’s a nice location n all but they are making no effort with the food, you are eating in no more than a glorified Little Chef’.

Tomorrow is payday, so I expect to see loads of drunk people tomorrow evening.

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