New Astrogallery

M33 - Traingulum Galaxy
OK, I’m happy to release my new Astro Images gallery now. I’m using Flickr to store images, sharing, comments etc. I’ve written a WordPress plugin which uses the JSON feed from Flickr to display the images here.

I’ve not moved all the images across to Flickr yet but I’m also having a bit of a cull as some of my earlier images, especially of Messier objects, don’t really look that good anymore. I’m planning to take better images of the objects this year. I’ve also reorganised the images into (I think) better categories.

So, over the next few weeks I’ll be putting up old, reprocessed and new images onto Flickr and they will appear in the Astro Images gallery on here.

Of course you can skip all of this and just go straight to my Flickr gallery if you want!

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