Last Few Days

Both riders took it easy for the final weekend before the off. I did 14 miles with the family along the NCN 5 and 44 to Didcot and Upton at a nice gentle pace. The bike also got cleaned and polished. I cycled to work yesterday, hope the wind dies down or changes to another direction for Saturday! Actually the forecast is nowhere near as bad as it was earlier, not too bad at all now.

I’ve added my Twitter to the site, it’s not all LEJOG at the moment as you will see, I’ll try and tweet on the road when I can. It really depends on mobile battery power and how much I need to conserve juice. The Live Tracker should all be working, it’s not given me any problems the last few times we’ve been out, so I’m hopeful all the technology will work. I’ve also added a few other blogs to your left mostly of guys who are end to ending at the same time as us.

I’ve added the route to my GPSr (Garmin Geko 201) in ten chunks of 500 points each (the maximum it can hold) thanks to CourseCompacter, so that should be OK. Andrew has a copy on his Garmin too. I also have printed out a full set of paper maps, mostly at 1:250k scale with some 1:50k for the cities/tricky bits. Quite a few to start with but I will throw recycle them as they get used.

I think we’re ready, I’ll get packed up over the next couple of evenings. Nothing left to get I think…

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2 thoughts on “Last Few Days”

  1. Guy’s – good luck to you both.

    We should see you on the train down. See that you may head off to St Ives, we’re heading for Redruth.

    All the best


  2. Hello fellow lejogers grin

    I think we are leaving from Lands End the same day as you! we aren’t as hard core with the camping… but are also aiming for 17/18 days. Think we will set off tomorrow afternoon. Perhaps our paths will cross on route!

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