Back in the UK

Boo, back in the BGS office now! Quite a packed weekend, the family waited for me on Friday morning and the children were very excited to see me. Everyone loved their gifts. I got a wire helicopter for my son which has motors which make the rotors rotate. A doll for my daughter with a photo of them being made. Didn’t do much Friday, apart from sleep and catch up on a few things, went to the end of term assembly at the school and then spent the evening with the family. Saturday had a decent lay in and then just pottered about, played some Lego Star Wars II with my son on the 360. Sunday had my Mum over for dinner and my sister and niece came over to say hello. First roast dinner for 6 weeks! Slight panic when I managed to lock up the work’s laptop I had with me in Mozambique but local support sorted it out, so all files are safely on the server here now. Just sorting through some photos to add to the blog.

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