Baby Guinea Pig

We had a bit of a surprise last week when one of our newly acquired Guinea Pigs gave birth! The cutest thing ever!

We got the pair of female GPs at the beginning of October after our oldest ever GP passed away aged 7. One of them must have been pregnant as they have a long gestation period of 63 days and give birth to one or two mature young. Unlike most rodents baby GPs have open eyes, fur and are fully formed. They eat solid food almost straight away.

The video here shows baby following Mum around with Aunty chasing it from the house! They are all getting on fine though. We need to sex the baby soon to see if it’s a he or a she. We will then need to think about housing them as there’s no way we’ll get rid of it. Either a separate cage for a male and maybe a companion or a bigger cage if it’s female.

And we’d better give it a name!

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