A New Year

So then dear readers (not that there are any of course). Christmas came and went like it is want to do, everyone had a jolly time, prezzies all round. I got a mountain board to go with my kite, check out the video of me hurtling down a mountain on it in the movies section!

It’s a New Year of course, so a happy one of those to everyone, which has got me thinking what I want to do this year. I’m going to be ambitious. One day I’d like to move house, something a bit bigger, I like this house despite its faults. It has a large garden, it’s in a nice village, it’s quiet but it isn’t big enough. Extend it maybe? Well by the time we’ve done that I think I would prefer a whole new house then get tied down here. A new job. Friday will be the 20th anniversary of me starting my current job. I’m a lifer and that’s beginning to scare me. It’s comfortable, it’s secure, it’s enjoyable and has a great pension. So why am I so bored and fed up in it? So not a whole new job then perhaps. A change within a job maybe, another secondment? Lancaster has been mentioned, not sure I want to do another stint away from the family, not sure the missus will be too perky about it either.

My brother returns from New Zealand after five years next summer. I wish I was as brave to do that, pack everything in and move to the other side of the world. A colleague of mine did it with three small children last year. Not sure I have the bottle. But I don’t want to spend the next 20 years doing the same old stuff until I retire. I want to achieve, I want to do new things.

One thing I have almost definitely decided to do is to step down from some of the community things I do. I’ve done various committees for over 10 years, some longer than that. Time to give some of them up, time to take a break from that, I’ll do it again one day, just want a year off. I want to enjoy my hobbies without having the stress of organising and running them too.

I’m going to try and write a list of things I want to achieve.

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