6th Oct 2008

Crazy convoluted routes to work FTW! My journey in was probably my maddest yet with two loops adding 8 miles to a direct route. I almost bailed out as well as it took me a few miles to get going in the morning. Out through Appleford and then down the Ladygrove to Didcot, past Tesco on the A4130 before turning right to South Moreton. Then up to North Moreton and across the A4130 to Long Wittenham. Little Wittenham was next with the climb up to the clumps (this is easy now, and much easier than Boars Hill was on Saturday). Fast down back onto Sires Hill and across the A4130 again and through the pretty village of Britwell cum Sotwell and into Wallingford.

Another new route for the way home. I cycled with a colleague as far as Britwell cum Sotwell and then went up Sires Hill, bypassing Wittenham Clumps I reversed the morning’s route as far as South Moreton. Then I cycled to Aston Upthorpe and to East Hagbourne (includes a busy section of the B4016). At East Hagbourne I went to Coscote into Didcot and then along the cycle track alongside the power station road home. I was flying on the way home and despite the drizzle and darkness could have kept going.

Distance :: 17.87 mi
Time :: 1h14m15s
Average Active Speed :: 14.44 mph
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Distance :: 16.27 mi
Time :: 1h08m32s
Average Active Speed :: 14.24 mph
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