27th Sep 2008

I joined the Wantage CTC for the first time today on what they describe as an Easy-Rider. It was a fantastic day for cycling, sunny and calm. The pace was much slower than I have been doing and it was very relaxed. It was also somewhat of a mystery tour as I had no idea where we were going! A dozen of us started in Grove and headed north through Denchworth and Charney Bassett towards the A420 at Southmoor. A handy bridleway bridge took us over the main road and east to Fyfield. A tunnel back under the A420 meant we didn’t need to try and cross the traffic at all as we went past Tubney and the golf course at Frilford Heath.

The group then headed towards Abingdon through Gozzard’s Ford, past the Airfield and through Shippon. We went through Abingdon town negotiating the traffic and had an enforced break at the old canal wharf next to the Thames as one of the group fixed a puncture. The plan was to have tea at Chilton garden centre so we turned south and cycled through Drayton and Steventon. This was the only significant hill on the route from Steventon to Milton Hill. We were behind schedule so we stopped at the Q-tea rooms for tea and cake before cutting the route short down Featherbed Lane to the A417.

We cycled west along the A417 past the Hendreds and turned right past Lains Barn. This was a good downhill stretch which took us to the A338 and back to Grove.

The distance covered was a little less than I expected but due to some delays the route was shortened a little to get back in the light. I chatted to a few of the members along the way and everyone seemed very friendly and enjoying the beautiful weather. I might try one of the longer moderate rides next! The GPSr and PDA got disconnected for a short while again.

Distance :: 23.31 mi (GPSr track is 28.18 mi)
Time :: 2h00m17s
Average Active Speed :: 11.63 mph
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