13th Oct 2008

Should I get straight back on the bike after a 60 miler? I’m glad I did, I did consider not cycling in to work but decided I should as a test of getting up early and getting back on the bike after a long day in the saddle the day before.

I left a little late so didn’t add in too many loops but did go up via Little Wittenham and over the clumps. This is now my favourite route, the road is almost deserted and the views in the twilight are stunning and a good wake me up. I wanted to do exactly the same route home, I’ve not done this for a long time so was interested in reversing all the hills. Which was fun, the views from the clumps in the evening twilight are even better, how could anyone not want to cycle and miss all of this?

Really pleased I cycled as I felt strong, a little saddle sore but overall it was great.

Distance :: 12.29 mi
Time :: 0h51m17s
Average Active Speed :: 14.38 mph
Run.GPS Training Profile

Distance :: 12.31 mi
Time :: 0h54m41s
Average Active Speed :: 13.50 mph
Run.GPS Training Profile

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