New Blog

I’m in the process of moving everything to a new WordPress blog. ExpressionEngine is great and all that but it’s too slow and image handling is a bit rubbish. You can find the new site at I’ll probably leave this site alone for a bit but direct people to the new site.

Astro Images

Now I have this nice new shiny (fast) blog I need to sort through my astroimages and reupload them. I’ve started using Picasa as my online image storage. This time I want to avoid having them all on my own hosting for future proofing. I’ll see how that goes. Picasa doesn’t support sub-albums though and … Continue reading Astro Images

Tour of Wales

Next week we’re off on a cycle tour of Wales exactly a year after our LEJOG. The plan is to cycle from Chepstow – Swansea – Fishguard – Aberystwyth – Shrewsbury using NCN routes. About 450 miles in seven days (60 miles/day). We’ll be camping and carrying all of our equipment. Follow the journey on … Continue reading Tour of Wales

All Dandy

I’ve finally moved the astroimages to their own gallery (which is what I should have done ages ago). So no more broken category listings and the galleries should run a lot quicker. I’ve started a new category for images of the Lunar 100 which I will be filling up when I can. I’ve also tidied … Continue reading All Dandy

Galleries Broken

My host has kindly updated the PHP version this evening which has caused some problems on the site. Most noticeably the photo galleries which are exceeding the memory allocation. I’m on the case and will fix them ASAP. UPDATE: I isolated the problem to the category index. So at the moment it’s showing all the … Continue reading Galleries Broken

One Week Later

Blimey, can’t believe it’s been a week since we crossed the finishing line at John o’Groats! The train journey home was long and boring, it was more painful being sat down on the trains for so long then it was cycling every day. And the cycle facilities on Pendolino trains is pitiful, each station invited … Continue reading One Week Later