I’m Back

Not been able to post for the last few days due to a PHP problem. Hopefully the host has solved the Trojan issue as well, I haven’t seen it for a couple of days. Like the new header? Thanks to Chowny for that one!


Yep, the header graphic is still work in progress. Yep, purple is my favourite colour. I think the menubar looks nicer now though. Need to narrow that leftbar down a bit. I totally lack graphic skillz, you can probably tell that from looking at any of my sites! I’m a coder, I shouldn’t have to do graphics as well smile

Site News: Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes

I’ve made a few layout changes around the site. The most noticeable is the date heading on the blog entries. I’ve also added page navigation, removed the latest entries list on the leftbar, changed the font for the blog entries, altered the category names, tweaked the gallery entries and some other small CSS tweaks. I’m thinking about altering the background image and adding some new leftbar stuff which might need to go on a rightbar in a three column layout.

Site Developments

Made some changes to the gallery. Thumbnails are now generated on the fly using phpThumb a very useful little script. The clarity of the thumbnails and medium images is greatly increased as the browser no longer does the resizing. Also made the category navigation clearer and indicated when the latest images were posted.

The ‘Beer’ post is an example post using the mobile blog. Using my mobile phone I can take a picture and update my blog remotely! Cool!


Well I’ve been pulling apart the Expression Engine gallery module to fit my needs. I’ve got the basic plan in my head and the layout is coming along. Hopefully I’ll get it all sorted by the weekend.


Well here it is, my blog. I hate blogs, they are completely pointless but what I’m trying to do is to have a central repository of things I’m doing. Firstly is my Astronomy images gallery.